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Virtual Dental Consultation

The world's easiest way to see a dentist.

Available for instant consultations, pre-diagnosis, second opinions, and general dental advice. Access a dentist around the clock to assist you in your dental care needs.

Speak with live dentist instantly
Face-to-Facetime with a Licensed Dentist in the United States

Real-time dental advice & recommendations.

If you’re experiencing pain, concerned about something in your mouth, or just want a second opinion, a virtual dental visit is a great way to get answers quickly, safely, and affordably.

Text, talk, or video chat with a dentist

No subscriptions or app needed. For a flat fee you'll receive a virtual dental consultation on our brand new platform. It works on nearly any device, and it takes just a few minutes to get started.

Tele-dentistry providers around the USA
Secure connection, HIPAA compliant

Safe, secure, & completely private.

Our HIPAA compliant teledentistry software allows us to securely video chat, share photos, videos, and other media in the safety and privacy of your own home. Once the virtual dental visit is over, we can securely transmit our notes to you, and if necessary, to a dentist of your choice.

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